Florence Dreaming

by Trini







Since I got back from Europe, I’ve been practically bursting at the seams with creative inspiration, and it seems that there just aren’t enough hours in the day to turn the impressions of my mind into some kind of reality. Since I lost the majority of my photos towards the end of my trip, my brother suggested I do some sketches from memory of all the places I visited, so as not to lose sight of the experience. I haven’t got so far as that yet, because funnily enough, it’s images from home that keep making their way from my brain to the page (if that’s even how art making works, or the route that it takes). As often happens when travelling, being away from home really made me reflect on my own ‘home’, and what it means to me. I first started blogging over 12 months ago when I moved into a tiny little bedsit in Sydney’s Balmain and started going on weekend expeditions around the city, coming home to cook my own little meals in my very own little ‘Balmain Kitchen’. I fell in love with Sydney all over again (after having spent four years or thereabouts living, studying and working in Canberra), and I’ve clocked up literally thousands of photos that are an endless point of reference for my artmaking. I think I gathered up so much visual inspiration from these trips that now that I’m rediscovering my creative side, it’s the images from home that are bursting to be seen, as if by birthright. And now that I’m currently living in Goulburn (in the NSW southern tablelands), a luscious Spring and the beautiful stillness of the countryside is constantly bombarding me with fleeting moments of beauty that are also fighting for actualisation on the page. Tonight though, as I’m looking back over some much-cherished photos from my trip, I feel super nostalgic for the days spent wandering aimlessly through foreign cities, and ever more inspired to push myself creatively and start memorialising, or perhaps I should say ‘pictorialising’ my trip. Luckily, I have these photos salvaged from Facebook to keep me going until then. I felt conscious when travelling that I should at least *try not to post too many photos on social media, now how I wish I had posted more!

*unsuccessful, I’m sure.