Lost in Venice

by Trini

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I met a lovely Italian family on the train travelling from Rome to Naples who told me that the best way to see Venice is to simply abandon the tourist trail and fully lose yourself among the streets and canals, hidden corners, open squares and alleyways. Turns out I didn’t need much encouragement to do that as I discovered that NOT losing yourself in Venice is nigh on impossible, and all the more memorable in the midst of a summer storm and an absolute deluge of rainfall. It also turns out that thunder, lightning, and buckets full of rain couldn’t stop me falling hard for this beautiful city that is timelessly romantic and contemporary glam all at once. Venice to me was unexpectedly edgy, and although it had the same ability to have me staring at a beautifully rendered patch of wall as say, Florence or Rome, I also saw some of the very best contemporary art during my two day sojourn, including a fantastic Irving Penn retrospective and a stunning collection of contemporary light installations at the Palazzo Grassi. There’s just something about the juxtaposition of historic buildings and contemporary art that is incredibly appealing to the senses, and when combined with the romance of the city of Venice, has all the makings of an indelible memory mark.