Melbourne Discovery

by Trini







It’s taken me all of 29 years to come down and discover Melbourne, and now that I’m here I realise I don’t know what I was waiting for, and that I really have to make up for lost time. So I hopped to it this morning and started early at the Prahran Markets, full of delicious looking fresh food, flowers and artisan products. I saw the most stunning looking portobello mushrooms, and wished I had a little kitchen down here so I could have cooked some up. I couldn’t resist the new season cherries and they definitely lived up to their enticing looking display of fresh, juicy sweetness. Yum. I stocked up on caffeine at Lucky Penny on Chapel St, a really cute looking cafe with the most lovely service, something I’ve encountered everywhere I’ve been so far. Even though I’ve only been here 24 hours, it seems that many strangers down here are very kind, thoughtful and chatty, but not too. Just the right amount. Maybe Sydneysiders are a little more shy?

I took a walk around the South Yarra and Prahran district, then up High St Armadale, although I relented halfway up and got on a tram because it turns out it’s quite a long walk from South Yarra to Armadale. I did a little ‘window shopping’ in/outside some of the more high end retail stores on High St, saw some cool vintage posters and visited quite a few commercial galleries, which was fun. I got on a train and had a little look at Toorak, mostly because I got off at the wrong stop, but I’m happy about it because it was really cute and now I have another little suburb to go back and explore.

I had intended to go eat lunch in the gallery cafe before seeing the Jean Paul Gaultier exhibition at the NGV, but I couldn’t go past the queue for Ban Mhi outside Master Roll in South Yarra without seeing if they lived up to the hype, and they were pretty good! Just the right amount of everything and for $6, you can’t do much better. I was left feeling pretty full, which was a good precursor for the gallery visit, as the Jean Paul Gaultier exhibition is really something and I spent a big chunk of the afternoon there, wistfully admiring a beautifully detailed collection of works. There were a few outfits that I desperately wanted to walk away with..the cone bras I can probably leave for Madonna though. On the whole, I realised what a creative genius JPG was, and I don’t think anyone really does French couture mixed with British punk in the same way.

With my main aims fulfilled for the day I indulged myself in a little shopping at Bourke Street Mall and the newish Emporio centre just over the way. I blame the rain, which drove me away from Federation Square, a potentially great place for people watching and just plain hanging out. Luckily though, it’s kind of a focal point for the city so I’m sure there’ll be plenty of time for that later. Here’s hoping for good weather tomorrow!